Meta Stock Price Forecast & Long-term Prediction

  • Meta Platforms, Inc. ( former Facebook) is one of the largest technology companies in the United States. It focuses on social media. 

  • IPO on Nasdaq took place in 2012. It was the largest IPO in the history of the technology sector. Since the listing on the stock exchange, the quotations have grown almost 10 times.

  • This stock is more volatile than the US stock market on average. The beta coefficient is 1.21. The P/E multiple is 30. 

  • Meta is not proper for a dividend strategy. It does not pay dividends.


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Meta Stock Price for Today (07/17/2024)

The value of Meta's stock is falling today. The negativity in the market is due to a combination of factors. First of all, it is investors' doubts about the financial potential. But the external macroeconomic background also has a negative impact.


461.09 USD

Maximaler Prognosewert

509.63 USD

% Wertänderung


Key Findings

  • Price Today - $481; 

  • Price at the end of 2024 - $660-$670;

  • Price for next year 2025 - $1300-$1525;

  • Long-term price 2025-2030 - $1300 - $2150.

Goldman Sachs expects the stock to be among the best in the SP500 in 2024. But the consensus forecast for Meta's stocks is bearish. Experts expect a 5-10% decrease over the next month. The forecasted price after the next 12 months is $465.

BeatMarket experts maintain a neutral position. We believe that the correction is technical in nature. Meta still has potential for capitalization growth.


Meta (META) Technical Analysis

Meta has been in an uptrend since October 2023. In April 2024, this trend was broken, and the prices began to correct. There is a high likelihood of this correction continuing:

On most timeframes, technical analysis tools signal a sell. The price is above the moving averages only on the higher timeframes (W1 and MN1).

On the chart, there is a candlestick pattern - Three Black Crows. This bearish pattern is observed on the M30 timeframe and is highly reliable.

On the D1 timeframe, the STOCHRSI(14) and Williams %R indicators suggest that the stocks are oversold. However, the RSI indicator remains neutral.

As of the writing of this review, the stock prices are near the support zone. A break below this could lead to the realization of a negative scenario. The potential drop could be up to 25% from the current price.

If the prices return to an upward trend, the nearest resistance level could be around $502.

Disclaimer: The forecast is in no way personalized investment advice. It cannot be construed as a signal to buy stocks.

Strong buy

How much will Facebook be worth in 5 years?

Meta's consensus revenue forecast for the next 5 years comes with a promise of steady increase. But Stockanalysis believes that this figure will increase at a much slower pace than in 2018-2021. 

Despite this, the market assesses Meta's prospects in a positive way. Most analysts give bullish forecasts on a 5-year horizon. Experts believe in the potential of the business and the ability to maintain leadership in its niche. 

A few pessimists believe that the events of 2022 may be repeated in the near future. They believe that Meta's stock value could fall by 2 times. The unfavourable external background and market disappointment in the idea of the Meta Universe may be the catalyst for such a decline. 

But even such pessimistic forecasts promise a quick recovery. And all predictions of the value in 5 years are at least 80% above the current price.

Ali Mogharab of iMorningstar points out the following strengths of Meta:

  • growing user base;

  • positive engagement trends;

  • growing monetisation.

There are other bullish drivers. They will act on Meta quotes in the next 5 years. First and foremost is the expanding use of artificial intelligence to sell advertising. And the expansion of the Meta universe. 

But bearish factors should not be neglected. The key one is potential conflicts with the regulatory authorities. Competition and decreasing user engagement play an equally important role.

The most optimistic forecast is provided by the platform. According to its publications, in the next 5 years, quotations will overcome the $1500 mark. 

BeatMarket analysts believe that this can only happen under certain conditions. The key one is the realization of the potential of the Metaverse. We expect the company to maintain its leadership in social media. Our moderate forecast is for the stock to double in value over a 5-year horizon. But macroeconomic factors may bring adjustments to the growth rate of the stock price.


Meta Stock Forecast 2024

Most experts are positive about Meta's performance in 2024. Most are confident that the achievements will serve as a foundation for the increase of quotations by the end of 2024. 

Justin Post at Bank of America believes that Meta will demonstrate significant increase in EPS in 2024.

NASDAQ consensus forecast for Meta's stock in 2024:

  • minimum price - $450;

  • average price - $554.27;

  • maximum price - $610.

The service offers some other data. Under it, some experts warn about falling quotations to $400 again. BeatMarket specialists do not share such pessimism. Here is our forecast in the table below.



Regular price

Least possible price

Best possible price


































What will the meta stock price be in 2025?

Meta's potential revenue in 2025 is between $156bn and $195.8bn. EPS is within the range of $16.5bn to $26.58. This is the forecast published on the Stockanalysis service. This exceeds the results of the previous year. Therefore, analysts expect to see a corresponding increase in quotations. 

See a brief overview of Meta's forecasts for 2025:

  • $461 — by The Wall Street;

  • $539-$765 — by Stockscan;

  • $957-$1167 — by

Even the most pessimistic layout can be considered bullish. It promises an increase of about 15% from current levels. 

BeatMarket experts believe that there is every reason to expect Meta to rise further. We believe that the $550 threshold will be passed in the coming years. 


Regular price

Least possible price

Best possible price


















































Meta Stock Рredictions 2026

Based on the results of 2026, Meta also promises revenue and profit growth. As of today, Wall Street experts do not see any reasons that could lead to falling of the quotations. 

All forecasts for 2026 for Meta are bullish, differing only in terms of the analysts' degree of optimism:

  • Stocksforecasts platform expects quotations between $535.85 and $558.5;

  • Stockscan service assumes that the stock value will be in the range of $579-$1027;

  • is the most optimistic and predicts the price at the level of $1143-$1383.

The key factor will remain the level of Meta's advertising revenue. But the development rate of the Meta Universe will also have an impact on the quotations. As the market believes in the reality of Musk's promises, the stock value will consolidate above $1000.


Regular price

Least possible price

Best possible price


















































Meta Stock Forecast 2027

Among the bullish factors for Meta is the increased use of artificial intelligence. The company has already demonstrated that its application boosts user engagement. The second factor that could play a key role as early as in the next few years is Meta Universe.

The extent to which experts believe in Musk's idea affects their predictions. This leads to a significant difference in valuations. 

Take a brief look at Meta's stock value forecasts by the end of 2027:

  • minimum level - $605;

  • moderate scenario - $730.

  • maximum prediction - $1632.

BeatMarket experts consider Metaview a promising project. But we believe that it will take time to implement properly. Therefore, we do not expect Meta's stock value to exceed $1200. 


Regular price

Least possible price

Best possible price


















































Meta Stock Forecast 2028

According to Stockanalysis experts, Meta's revenue could hit $253bn in 2028. The EPS forecast is up to $31.78. 

Experts list different possible prices of the stock as numbers ranging from $714 to $1488. Even the pessimistic forecast gives the increase of quotations by 80% for 5 years. These securities are attractive as an asset in the long term. 

BeatMarket analysts also have a positive view of Meta's future. We believe that the management will take into account the failures of 2022. The balance between innovation and maintaining revenue growth will be the main factor of success. When the management finds this equilibrium point, its quotations may consolidate above $1000.


Regular price

Least possible price

Best possible price


















































What are the Meta Stock Price Future Predictions? Long-Term Forecast 2030 to 2050

Most experts recommend buying stocks. Meta is predicted to have a bright future and to retain its leading position. Many believe in Zuckerberg's ambitions and the realization of plans for the Meta Universe. But there are analysts who consider such an idea to be a failure. In their opinion, the cost of it will not pay off. 

Given this range of opinions, Meta’s forecasts are extremely different. Many experts promise a smooth and steady increase of quotations. By 2050, a number of authors expect five-digit levels. But some believe that 20-25 years later the price will remain three-digit. 

These are the strengths that will help the quotes to grow:

  • social media leadership;

  • proficiency in several popular platforms;

  • work with artificial intelligence;

  • Meta Universe development;

  • growing the total audience.

But there are 3 important risks associated with Meta's business. The key one is the dependence on online advertising. This is actually the only source of income today. Competition with other social media and regulatory issues are no less significant.


Meta Inc. (META) Stock Forecast For the Next 10 Years

In terms of the forecast for Meta, experts fall into 2 categories. The first one is those who recommend buying shares. They promise stable and fairly rapid price’s increase. In their opinion, quotes will be above $1300 after 10 years. Optimistic scenarios allow approaching $2000.

Experts in the second category consider Meta and the technology sector to be overvalued. They argue that in the coming years the market will lose faith in this direction. They expect a decline in quotations and a long stagnation. The latest one will be caused by the end of the phase of exponential development. Negative macroeconomic factors will also play their role. 


Year-End Regular price






















Meta Stock Price Рredictions 2030

Some experts unequivocally believe in the success of Zuckerberg's Meta Universe. Others consider the project to be a failure already. They believe that the plan to solicit one billion users will not be realized in time. There is a decline in interest in virtual reality in the US in 2023.

The following numbers can be seen in the predictions for 2030:

  • pessimistic scenario - $300;

  • average price target for Meta platforms - $750 - $1000; 

  • maximum level - $1800.

If the moderate/maximum outlook is realized, Meta will prove to be a profitable asset. The pessimistic perspective is based on expectations of the Meta universe collapse. But even in such a situation, the company will retain the opportunity to earn on advertising.

The Motley Fool believes that by 2030 Meta's capitalisation will exceed $2 trillion. This corresponds to a slightly more than 2-fold increase in quotations. The experts forecast a price of about $780-800 per stock. It is based on expectations that the advertising revenue will amount to about $315bn.

BeatMarket analysts agree with such predictions. We believe that the moderate scenario is the most reasonable. In our opinion, the probable price range is $750-850.


Meta Stock Forecast 2040

The audience of Meta-owned Facebook exceeds a third of the world's population. At the same time, it is believed that it still has potential for increase. Anthony Di Pizio: "The potential revenue stream from the Meta Universe in 2040 is estimated at $5 trillion". The forecast is made given that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeds 12%. This allows experts to predict a further increase in the capitalisation. 

The forecasts for 2040 include the following analysts' prices: 

  • pessimistic scenario - $450;

  • target average price forecast for meta platforms - $2000; 

  • maximum value forecast - $4160.

Optimistically-minded experts are reminiscing about previous achievements. Meta has grown almost 10 times since its IPO. There is a basis to believe that it will maintain its movement rate. Therefore, the advice is given to buy the company in the long term.

The authors of pessimistic scenarios are those who do not believe in the future of the Meta universe. Moderate expectations put the profits from this segment into stock price.


Meta Stock Future Price 2050

The longer the time horizon, the more difficult it is to make predictions. Over the next 27 years, there will be many factors that cannot be taken into account today. 

Based on the available data, analysts promise the following prices by 2050:

  • pessimistic scenario assumes levels around $600;

  • average price target represents a range of $4000 - $5000; 

  • the maximum expected level is $13460.

Forecasts differ by more than 20 times. This is caused by operating in a highly competitive industry. The worst expectations may be realized when the company fails to retain its leading position. But there are reasons to believe that it will retain the flagship title of the information technology sector. 


About Meta Inc. (Facebook)

meta logo

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. The purpose of the business is to provide people with the opportunity to maintain social connections. The social network gained popularity due to its wall, ability to communicate quickly, and so on.  

In October 2021, the name was changed to Meta Platforms, Inc. The purpose of the rebranding is to align with the new key focus. This is creating the Meta Universe. Management predicts that its users should exceed one billion as early as 2030. 

Meta is currently one of the largest companies in the US technology sector. It owns:

  • Facebook;

  • Instagram;

  • WhatsApp;

  • Messenger Meta. 

Currently, the main source of revenue is advertising sales on the sites listed above. It accounts for over 97% of revenue.

The virtual reality system is also being actively introduced. The potential for future profits is estimated at more than a trillion dollars. The products already presented to the market are Meta Quest 2 and Facebook Portal. 

Research and development costs account for about 40 percent of the expenses. Investing in it is a bet on the development of innovative technologies and virtual reality.

In 2023, the Facebook demonstrated solid results based on the results of the three quarters. It showed stable revenue and net profit growth. This was a sign of the management's ability to overcome crisis situations. The market also considered Zuckerberg's willingness to take into account the shareholders' interests to be a positive factor.


Meta Stock Price History Chart

Year 2021 

The quotations reached a historical maximum in the third quarter. They exceeded the mark of $382. This led to massive profit taking. Such a move made by investors started a long bearish trend.

Year 2022 

In February, the value fell by $230bn per day. This was the maximum daily capitalisation fall in the history of the stock market. It was caused by the quarterly report publishing. The indicators presented disappointed the market. By October, quotations collapsed to the levels of 2015. The lowest point was near the $90 mark.

Year 2023 

This year is considered the best in Facebook's history. As of 15 December, its quotations increased by 178% year-on-year. This result surpasses 2013, when the price jumped 105%. The reason is the resumption of increase in advertising sales after a long decline. The 3 months report published in October 2023 surpassed the financial forecast.


What Influences Meta Shares Price

Financial performance

The success of a business is one of the determining factors for its stock value. Revenue forecasts, earnings per share (EPS), etc. are of great importance. When the next report shows lower results than expected, quotations fall. A stronger report contributes to a jump in price.

Macroeconomic factors

This includes interest rates, inflation, etc. These factors affect the stock market as a whole. When the macroeconomic situation is negative, investors prefer protective assets. If rates are high, interest in stocks falls.


Quotes go down when investors believe the company may soon succumb to its competitors. In terms of social networks, these are TikTok, LinkedIn, SnapChat. In the metasocial market, Mark Zuckerberg considers Apple to be his main competitor.

Actions of authorities

Meta is often the object of negative attention from the authorities. For example, in October 2023, prosecutors from 41 US states filed lawsuits against it. The aim is to guarantee security for children to whom Facebook illegally advertises its services. Such news causes investors' fears. This in turn affects quotations.


Is Meta a good long term buy?

According to expert forecasts, Meta is a good long-term investment. It is a market leader and is actively developing new directions. By 2050, its stock prices could increase by 10-15 times. However, it's important to remember that analysts' estimates do not guarantee returns.

What will Facebook stock be worth in 10 years?

Most analysts are predicting levels above $1000. They believe in the development of Metaview and maintaining leadership in social media. Yet some experts consider the growth to be coming to an end soon. They believe in 10 years Meta will be slightly higher than today.

Is Meta a buy or sell or hold?

Meta had an "active buy" rating at the end of December 2023. The reason for this is the uptrend that lasted almost a year. It was caused by two factors. The first one is the abnormal falling of quotations in 2022, which resulted in a recovery effect. The second one is the improvement of the financial indicators.

What is the market capitalization of Meta Stock?

As of December 21, 2023, the closing price was $349.28. Based on this, Meta's market capitalization is $909.96 billion. This places it seventh in the international ranking. Among US issuers, it ranks sixth. The maximum historical figure is $1.07 trillion, which was reached in 2021.

How high can Meta stock go?

The highest price in the forecast for Meta Platforms is $13460. Whether it turns out to be realistic depends on several factors. The main one is whether the company will be able to realize the Meta Universe and maintain its leadership in social media. An important role will be played by the state of the economy and the stock market over the next decades.

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