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Invest smart, live large,
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We show people a reasonable and reliable approach to investing. We believe that everyone has the right to financial stability and the opportunity to achieve financial goals.


We intend to become a reliable partner for receiving,

Reliable partners

Providing them with access to the most significant and profitable investment tools and strategies on the market. We are aware that investment is a process that requires time and patience, so we are ready to be there

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Our investment philosophy

  • Hold shares while the business grows and develops
  • Form a balanced, sustainable and profitable portfolio for valuable investments
  • Profitability in the long run
  • Often add new savings
  • Hold in moments of market volatility
  • Let Leading Stocks Rise

Our team

Максим дъяконов

Maxim Dyakonov


Qualified private investor
with 10 years of experience. Entrepreneur

Denis Shchertsovsky

Denis Shchertsovsky


Entrepreneur, co-founder of companies with a total revenue of 8+ million USD / year (2021-2022). Sales and marketing expert with over 8 years of experience

Renat Garipov

Renat Garipov


Entrepreneur. Founder of successful technological projects in the field of AI and venture

Alexander Danilov

Alexander Danilov


with 20 years of experience

We are your partner you can trust

Business Finland

Approved Business Finland


Approved YEDI

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Participant Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Fintech Farm Helsinki

Participant Fintech Farm Helsinki

Рост прибыли

Platform fits

For investors who invest in their periods, make up periodic funds in brokerage accounts, include the volume and knowledge of all selected companies, as well as the duration of the application, who are looking for recommendations in the collection of investing in large companies with a well-known name

Using the public service, you will receive:

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  • Complete information about the companies
  • Understandable consumer rating of companies
  • The ability to earn more and lose less on market drawdowns
  • Find rare but successful papers
  • Finding a High Dividend Company
  • You will be able to see in one indicator the profitability immediately on the indicator for your brokers
  • Start different portfolios, build several situations and solve them
  • See returns on crypto assets
  • Receive useful information in e-mail newsletters and regular reviews
Our Features

We share our expertise and market knowledge with you


Free analytics and control of the profitability of all your investments in one place


Evaluate your portfolio by BeatMarket ratings and select stocks that operate on the market


Stock Scanner, a flexible tool for finding stocks of undervalued companies with great potential


Stock analytics.


BM-guru - an assistant that helps to form a perfectly balanced portfolio for valuable investments


Monthly market reports from the BM team

History of BeatMarket


Testing of developed diagnostic ideas, adaptation to sensitivity, development of automated attestation and overall search rankings


Start project development


Beta test, MVP version, first subscribers. Acceleration and approval from a business incubator in Canada


Refinement of the product, approval by the startup committee of Finland, incorporation in Finland, launch of the alpha version


We develop a community of smart long-term investors around the world

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