We are Top stock hunters! We find great stocks before anyone sees them and buy them before anyone knows. Then we hold onto them while others try to trade, wasting time and money.

Team And another 15 enthusiasts...

What we do

Every month we analyze over 60,000 companies worldwide, selecting the best ones using our business evaluation algorithms that check each business against more than 130 indicators.

What we don't do

No entry and exit signals, no trading. No instant enrichment, almost nothing about cryptocurrencies.

Our mission

  • Banks and brokers are not interested in you making money, they earn on commissions, they only care about the number of transactions, not your income.
  • And we focus on what really matters: on the growth of your investment income! And we do it!
  • Portfolios of our users showed an average return of 31.9% for the year 2023!

When everyone was buying Tesla, we invested in Nvidia. While everyone is buying Nvidia, we buy Monolithic Power, Le Mater Vascular, and Applied Materials.

We find great stocks before anyone sees them and buy them before anyone knows. Then we hold onto them while others try to sell, wasting time and money.

We are long-term investors and buy all the stocks we talk about because we believe in the power of analytics.

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We will help you

  • Finding undervalued stocks before everyone else
  • Hold shares while the business grows and develops
  • Building a balanced, stable, and profitable portfolio
  • Thinking long-term
  • Consistency, developing an investment habit
  • Hold in moments of market volatility

About the founders

Максим дъяконов

Maxim Dyakonov


Qualified private investor
with 10 years of experience. Entrepreneur

Denis Shchertsovsky

Denis Shchertsovsky


Entrepreneur, co-founder of companies with a total revenue of 8+ million USD / year (2021-2022). Sales and marketing expert with over 8 years of experience

Renat Garipov

Renat Garipov


Entrepreneur. Founder of successful technological projects in the field of AI and venture

Alexander Danilov

Alexander Danilov


with 20 years of experience

We are your partner you can trust

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Approved Business Finland


Approved YEDI

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Participant Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Fintech Farm Helsinki

Participant Fintech Farm Helsinki

Platform fits

<strong>Beginner</strong> investor

Beginner investors who just want to dive into the world of investing and not lose out on the first steps

<strong>Advanced</strong> investor

Advanced investors who are ready to think strategicallyfor the long term

<strong>Investor</strong> using tools

Investors looking for easy-to-use tools to invest in stable companies with growing income

Using the public service, you will receive:

  • Find rare but successful papers
  • Earn more and lose less in market downturns
  • Finding companies with high and growing dividends
  • Get complete information about companies
  • Understandable consumer rating of companies
  • Gather all assets in one place
  • Build multiple strategies and compare their effectiveness
  • Receive useful information in e-mail newsletters and regular reviews
Our Features

We share our expertise and market knowledge with you


Free analytics and control of the profitability of all your investments in one place


Evaluate your portfolio by BeatMarket ratings and select stocks that operate on the market


Stock Scanner, a flexible tool for finding stocks of undervalued companies with great potential


Stock analytics.


BM-guru - an assistant that helps to form a perfectly balanced portfolio for valuable investments


Monthly market reports from the BM team

History of BeatMarket


Testing of developed diagnostic ideas, adaptation to sensitivity, development of automated attestation and overall search rankings


Start project development


Beta test, MVP version, first subscribers. Acceleration and approval from a business incubator in Canada


Refinement of the product, approval by the startup committee of Finland, incorporation in Finland, launch of the alpha version


Launching training for beginner investors BeatStart. Launching community Top Stocks Hunters.


Development of the Top Stocks Hunters community worldwide

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