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Get a diversified portfolio in under a week—start from zero to investment hero!

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Witness how our students skyrocketed with a 31.9% growth in just 2023

On the course you will learn:

How to save money for a European pension
How much should you start investing with and what results can you get?
How and where to invest money so that it brings profit in the long term
How to start investing again if you have already been burned by scammers or after a bad experience with trading or cryptocurrencies

Only a reasonable approach and long-term investing will allow you to create a balanced portfolio that will bring you a stable income

5 reasons why you should take a free BeatStart investment course

BeatStart is more than an investment class; it's a gateway to the wealth mindset of the successful


of our beginners are now proud portfolio owners


who tripled their savings in just a year


of our users can double his income in two years


are set to diversify income with a new home in five years


are on their way to financial freedom — 10% are future millionaires.

Results of our students

Elsa, 23 years old,

Hi. I don't know much about investing, but I understand that I need to save up a portion of my income regularly. I don't have time for market research, not really interested.

BeatMarket showed me how to adapt the platform to my needs, how to set up filters, and how to select promising stocks. Since early 2022, I have tried to invest small sums in stocks every other month. My limited experience with BeatMarket tells me that I can make safe investments without being an investor by profession.

before the course

Portfolio 0 EUR

after the course

Portfolio 650 EUR

portfolio Return


Erick, 24 years old,

A year ago, I started investing in three companies. A year later, I lost 30% of my portfolio in one week, panicked and closed all positions. Emotionally driven, I even decided that investing was not my thing. All the video courses that I have watched were very general and basically nudged investors toward BTFD every time, which I suspect is just one of the many possible strategies on the market.

Since my time constraints and stress tolerance do not allow me to actively enjoy day trading, I decided to try something new with BeatMarket. It has worked great so far: I have multiple recommended stocks to choose from and several strategies to compare side by side. Also, I have had the chance to talk with BeatMarket's CEO, who seems to be a genuine and thoughtful guy.

before the course

Portfolio 0 EUR

after the course

Portfolio 1830 EUR

portfolio Return


Mika, 34 years old,

As a real-world example of an incel and workaholic, I enjoy earning money and stashing green. I missed the hook-up culture and the NFT hype train: there are better ways to enjoy life, IMO. My first investment decision was to buy some ETFs. I have spent several months trying to understand investing in single stocks. Pretty confident that I know what I am doing because I always like to start slow with a new thing and gradually build up my confidence.

Two conversations on the Beatmarket Discord chat support my initial hunch about single stocks. So I decided the guys were all right and contacted BeatMarket. We figured out how to allocate my funds for better performance. They explained to me how to pick stocks using the Beatmarket scoring system. As a new subscriber, I keep learning the platform's capabilities…

before the course

Portfolio 0 EUR

after the course

Portfolio 600 EUR

portfolio Return



What is it in fight fear? Are there any risks in investments?

Investing is associated with certain risks, and this can cause fear among novice investors. However, fear can be overcome with the help of knowledge and support.

At the training, we help participants to remove fears and develop the skill of reasonable and regular investment, because with regular investments for a long time, the risks become smaller and smaller, and the portfolio return is gradually increasing.

How much can you start investing?

You can start investing with any amount you are willing to invest. However, remember that the larger the amount, the greater the opportunity for diversification and risk management.

If you think that you do not have enough funds for a full-fledged investment, you can always practice making virtual transactions. However, entry into long-term investments is available even from $15.

How long will it take to have a result?

Investing is a long term process and you shouldn't expect quick results. Some investors may see results in a few months, while others may wait years.

In training and in general, at BeatMarket, our main goal is to teach our clients to plan for the years ahead, invest their capital wisely and manage risks in a balanced way. From such a strategic position, you can expect visible results in just a few months, and your portfolio will grow and bear fruit all year round.

Will there be feedback on training?

Throughout the training, you will receive feedback and support from the BeatMarket team. We will be by your side and help you with the solution of emerging issues at each stage of your training.

In just 10 free lessons you will understand that:

Everyone can invest

You don't need a lot of capital to start investing.

With the help of investments you can save and increase your savings

Don't put off your financial well-being until tomorrow!

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