We teach
reasonable and long-term

Invest in your future: earn
income from the most profitable markets


We are BeatMarket

Our mission is to make the world
happier, freer and richer

Investment from scratch

We have rethought the traditional approach to investing and provide simple and understandable material that helps beginners master the financial world.


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We have combined all
our investment experience

to make your path
to passive income easier

Training will give you a proper understanding of the market. We will accompany you throughout the entire investment journey, protecting you from various “market stories”.

You will become a person who will be difficult to confuse.

Everyone can invest

Investing is an exciting and profitable process that
brings many benefits

Do you have free money in your bank account, savings in the bank?

Then investments are for you - an opportunity to earn money on free money

You can start investing in your future even with a small start-up capital

This experience will be useful if you want to learn more about the financial world

You will have the opportunity to learn the basics, causes and consequences of decision making

You will be able to invest in popular companies that care about our planet and people

Education at BeatMarket

This is a great way to get to know the world of investments
and start making money from your investments

Let us help you start earning

Let's put together your first ideal investment portfolio


Let's explain clearly
and without water

With us, everyone can do it! We will tell and show everything so that you will surely understand

Ведро воды

Super friendly

Flexible approach for novice investors, regardless of age, profession and income level


Surrounded by care

It is comfortable to study and invest with us. New information will not seem too abstruse


Comfortable entry
into investing

Let's talk about money

What is the best place to start? We will tell you how savings and investments work

Let's give a basis

Let's get acquainted with the stock market, tell you what risks and prospects it carries

Let's practice together

We will select and open a brokerage account, make the first purchase and develop the first strategy

Let us help you avoid common rookie mistakes

We will teach the correct strategy for buying and selling shares, as well as market analysis

We will give cool materials and tools

We teach our own approach to investing and give you what we use ourselves

Let's explain in such a way
that everything will be immediately clear

  • Make profitable decisions
  • Invest smart and invest in your future
And we will help you with this

This is all

Let us help you invest further with our
own platform

Here you will find advanced analytics and tools for managing investment portfolios for beginners and professionals

Learn more

You will be trained


  • Founder of the BeatMarket project
  • Qualified private investor
  • Entrepreneur

He has been practicing investing in stocks for over 10 years, since 2019 he has been maintaining public portfolios and showing his transactionsи

Don't miss the chance to improve your financial skills

Start of training: 23.07

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After course

After completing the basic training, you will have access to:

Boost sessions

Calls to experts for your current situation and personal queries

Advanced Modes

For those who want to get deeper into investments together with mentors

Community of investors

Get feedback from experts, communicate with like-minded people

Investor Library

Learn useful materials and make your investments more successful

Helper Platform

Select and range most profitable assets. Receive updates and recommendations on how to improve your portfolios.



What is it in fight fear? Are there any risks in investments?

Investing is associated with certain risks, and this can cause fear among novice investors. However, fear can be overcome with the help of knowledge and support.

At the training, we help participants to remove fears and develop the skill of reasonable and regular investment, because with regular investments for a long time, the risks become smaller and smaller, and the portfolio return is gradually increasing.

How much can you start investing?

You can start investing with any amount you are willing to invest. However, remember that the larger the amount, the greater the opportunity for diversification and risk management.

If you think that you do not have enough funds for a full-fledged investment, you can always practice making virtual transactions. However, entry into long-term investments is available even from $15.

How long will it take to have a result?

Investing is a long term process and you shouldn't expect quick results. Some investors may see results in a few months, while others may wait years.

In training and in general, at BeatMarket, our main goal is to teach our clients to plan for the years ahead, invest their capital wisely and manage risks in a balanced way. From such a strategic position, you can expect visible results in just a few months, and your portfolio will grow and bear fruit all year round.

Will there be feedback on training?

Throughout the training, you will receive feedback and support from the BeatMarket team. We will be by your side and help you with the solution of emerging issues at each stage of your training.

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