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Based Money

Current price
0.26 USD 0 USD (0.00%)
Stock Type Cryptocurrency
Official Website
Hashing Algorithm
Capitalization 134 011 USD
Position among cryptocurrencies by capitalization 2949
Trading Volume 25 USD

Price Schedule

25.02.2024 - 03.03.2024

Based Money ($BASED): Currently trading at 0.26 USD , this cryptocurrency has shown a changes for 24 hour –, reflecting the market's recent sentiment. With a robust capitalization of 134 011 USD, it firmly holds the 2949 spot in the global rankings. The trading volume over the past day stands at 25 USD, indicating significant market activity. For a deeper dive and to stay updated, visit its website As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, keeping an eye on such key metrics is crucial for informed investment decisions. For an in-depth analysis get premium access.

Coin Gecko rank 139
Coin Gecko score 19.228
Changes for 24 hour
– (low) – (high)

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179.66 USD Apple Inc -0.02 (-0.01%)
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206.85 CHF iShares MDAX UCITS ETF (DE) +1.13 (+0.49%)
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2083.07 USD Gold +35.94 (+1.76%)
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