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BeatMarket aims to educate novice investors through equity-focused strategies for long-term stock market success We believe that speculative or risky crypto trades can be too expensive for beginners

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We will cover the initial cost of integrating BeatMarket into one of your regular videos or posts.

You will be encouraged and challenged to run a little experiment: we grant you a monthly based transfer around 100$ (or more) that will go towards purchasing shares for your public portfolio using the broker of your choice.

As a content creator, you will receive hands-on guidance from BeatMarket Team. Together we will walk you through fundamentals like company evaluation methods, stock selection process, portfolio building fundamentals.

You will share your investment journey with your fans and they can easily follow and get the same success. With affiliate links and coupons as BeatMarket partner you will start to earn sustainable growing income as % from subscriptions of your auditory

Your commission percentage rates are vary 20-50% and depending on how many subscribers will use our tracker the same way that you do. Check calculator to estimate potential income!

For example: you will attract 250 subscribers that will use BeatMarket and you will earn 1 875 USD monthly.

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Masha & Finnish bear

Masha & Finnish bear

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With BeatMarket your income grows in six simple steps

Monthly payments to your brokerage account from 100$

0 - 100 users


100 - 200 users


200 - 500 users


500 - 1000 users


>1000 users

Number of users who signed up for a paid plan using the influencer’s referral link

Your income calculator

8 800€

2 200€ / month

1 user 1000 users
Количество пользователей, оформивших платную подписку на BeatMarket
1 month 36 months

What you need to get started

You have an active account on Instagram / YouTube or other famous social media. networks

Create a review video about the basics of the long-term investing strategy or a tutorial rundown featuring the BeatMarket interface

You have an engaged audience of at least 1,500+ followers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or other platforms

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Welcome to the BeatMarket community!

At BeatMarket, we believe that a disciplined buy-and-hold approach is more reasonable than trying to time the market or speculate with cryptocurrencies.

Our platform brings together people who prefer investing over the long distance rather than short-term trading. Within our community, you will find sophisticated tools and resources tailored for investors of all experience levels.


About the founder of BeatMarket

Let me introduce myself – my name is Maksim Dyakonov, I am an entrepreneur and investor with over 10 years of experience. In 2023 I am managing an investment portfolio (mostly equities) valued at 500,000 euros. However, my investing journey was not without its trials and errors.

Like many, I stumbled my way through the stock market as a newcomer, learning lessons the hard way through mistakes and losses. I wished that someone had provided some simple guidance at the outset to help avoid those pitfalls.

This insight gave rise to the idea for BeatMarket. My goal was to create a platform that offered the straightforward advice and tools I craved early on. BeatMarket was born out of my own journey, with the aim of helping beginner investors avoid the unnecessary obstacles I faced.

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