Silver Price Prediction & Long-term Forecast

The key feature of silver as an investment asset is the real value of silver. Silver is primarily a physical commodity. That makes it impossible for its value to fall to zero. Therefore, it also makes it a proper instrument for inflation protection.

1 year
3 years

Key Findings

Key information about the silver price forecast is summarized below:

Price Today


Price for next year 2024


Long-term price 2025-2030


The price of silver is largely determined by the balance of supply and demand. But market expectations of a recession are making serious adjustments. The best time to invest in this metal is during periods of economic growth.

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Silver Price History Chart

Key dates

2008 year

The 2008 crisis was deflationary in nature. Silver was getting cheaper, as well as other assets. From the beginning of March to November its quotations fell by more than half. They fell to $9 per ounce.


2011 year

Between April and May, silver traded around an all-time high of $49. This short-term peak was due to expectations of high inflation rates. Concerns related to the downgrade of the US credit rating played an important role.


2020 year

Amid panic in March, the price fell to $11.77. But already by August, the silver market reached the maximum for 7 years. Quotes reached $29.14 per ounce. This was due to the growing demand for the metal amid falling supply. Because of the pandemic, 101 mines were closed. The volume of mining has decreased dramatically.


Silver forecast for today


The price of silver is showing positive dynamics. There is every reason to believe that this situation will not change in the coming days. The current moment is well suited for increasing positions in the metal, regardless of the investment horizon.

Minimum forecast cost

22 USD

Maximum Forecast Value

24.31 USD

% value change


Silver Technical Analysis

Silver bars

Silver price forecasting can be based on technical analysis. For this purpose, popular tools and indicators are used. For example:

  • Bollinger Bands;
  • standard deviation;
  • parabolic stop and reversal;
  • moving averages;
  • reversal points, etc;

The data on popular indicators and tools are given below. You can adjust your trading strategy based on them.

Market trend

Strong Sell

Market Sentiment

Buy: 81.68%

Sell: 18.32%

Neutral: -0%

Strong Buy

Trend Indicators

Header Sell Neutral Buy Action
Moving Averages




Strong Sell
Momentum Oscillators




Strong Sell
Trend Oscillators








Strong Sell


Name Value Action






Williams %R






Ultimate Oscillator



Moving Averages

Period Simple Exponential


















Pivot Points

Pivot Classic Fibonacci Camarilla Woodie's DeMark's
S3 21.601 21.898 22.417 21.627 -
S2 21.898 22.144 22.476 21.911 -
S1 22.246 22.297 22.535 22.272 22.072
Pivot Points 22.543 22.543 22.543 22.556 22.456
R1 22.891 22.789 22.653 22.917 22.717
R2 23.188 22.942 22.712 23.201 -
R3 23.536 23.188 22.771 23.562 -

Silver price forecast for next week: day by day

The current silver outlook is negative. Analysts and technical analysis indicators expect a steady decline in quotations. This trend will continue for at least the next week.

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
14.02.2024 20.51 USD 22.67 USD -1.55 USD (-7.17%)
15.02.2024 20.59 USD 22.75 USD +0.08 USD (0.37%)
16.02.2024 20.60 USD 22.76 USD +0.01 USD (0.05%)
19.02.2024 20.93 USD 23.13 USD +0.35 USD (1.59%)
20.02.2024 20.73 USD 22.91 USD -0.21 USD (-0.96%)
21.02.2024 20.80 USD 22.98 USD +0.07 USD (0.32%)
22.02.2024 20.47 USD 22.63 USD -0.34 USD (-1.58%)
23.02.2024 20.04 USD 22.14 USD -0.46 USD (-2.18%)
26.02.2024 20.24 USD 22.37 USD +0.22 USD (1.01%)
27.02.2024 20.04 USD 22.14 USD -0.22 USD (-1.02%)
28.02.2024 20.00 USD 22.10 USD -0.04 USD (-0.19%)
29.02.2024 20.38 USD 22.52 USD +0.4 USD (1.86%)
01.03.2024 20.26 USD 22.40 USD -0.12 USD (-0.56%)
04.03.2024 20.46 USD 22.62 USD +0.21 USD (0.97%)
05.03.2024 20.67 USD 22.85 USD +0.22 USD (1.01%)
06.03.2024 21.02 USD 23.24 USD +0.37 USD (1.67%)
07.03.2024 20.51 USD 22.67 USD -0.54 USD (-2.5%)
08.03.2024 20.40 USD 22.54 USD -0.12 USD (-0.56%)
11.03.2024 20.55 USD 22.71 USD +0.16 USD (0.74%)
12.03.2024 20.22 USD 22.34 USD -0.35 USD (-1.64%)
13.03.2024 19.95 USD 22.05 USD -0.28 USD (-1.33%)
14.03.2024 19.98 USD 22.08 USD +0.03 USD (0.14%)
15.03.2024 20.37 USD 22.51 USD +0.41 USD (1.91%)
18.03.2024 20.22 USD 22.34 USD -0.16 USD (-0.75%)

Silver Price Predictions for Next 5 years

The silver price forecast for the next 5 years is negative. Financial consultants recommend reducing positions in the metal. This is also indicated by the results of technical analysis on large timeframes.

First of all, the negativity is caused by expectations of recession and financial crises. It makes investors look for more predictable assets. The high interest rate also plays an important role. It makes risk-free instruments attractive.

An important factor is the current price. Now the quotes are below the historical maximum. But they are higher than they were for most of the last decade. Against this background, many investors are wary of building up positions in the metal.

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
01.12.2024 21.870 USD 22.055 USD -1.18 USD (-5.35%)
01.12.2025 21.860 USD 22.059 USD -0 USD (-0.01%)
01.12.2026 21.853 USD 22.062 USD -0 USD (-0.01%)
01.12.2027 21.850 USD 22.065 USD +0 USD (0%)
01.12.2028 21.849 USD 22.005 USD -0.03 USD (-0.14%)
01.02.2029 22.331 USD 22.461 USD +0.47 USD (2.09%)

Silver Price Forecast 2024

Silver price expectations are negative. It is inexpedient to buy the metal now in order to sell it in 2024. Its quotations will be under pressure due to high interest rates. It is doubtful that industrial demand will be able to provide them with serious support.

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
01.04.2024 22.742 USD 23.157 USD -0.19 USD (-0.82%)
01.05.2024 22.135 USD 22.713 USD -0.53 USD (-2.34%)
01.06.2024 21.735 USD 22.352 USD -0.38 USD (-1.73%)
01.07.2024 21.737 USD 22.544 USD +0.1 USD (0.44%)
01.08.2024 22.417 USD 22.875 USD +0.51 USD (2.23%)
01.09.2024 21.929 USD 23.051 USD -0.16 USD (-0.69%)
01.10.2024 21.808 USD 22.104 USD -0.53 USD (-2.43%)
01.11.2024 22.008 USD 22.102 USD +0.1 USD (0.45%)
01.12.2024 21.870 USD 22.055 USD -0.09 USD (-0.42%)

Silver Price Forecast 2025

The silver price forecast for 2025 is negative. Experts predict that the cost of an ounce will return to the average value for the decade. There are opinions that quotations may fall below $15.

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
01.01.2025 22.057 USD 22.369 USD -0.93 USD (-4.16%)
01.02.2025 22.405 USD 22.911 USD +0.45 USD (1.96%)
01.03.2025 22.718 USD 22.960 USD +0.18 USD (0.79%)
01.04.2025 22.768 USD 23.150 USD +0.12 USD (0.52%)
01.05.2025 22.136 USD 22.706 USD -0.54 USD (-2.4%)
01.06.2025 21.740 USD 22.345 USD -0.38 USD (-1.72%)
01.07.2025 21.714 USD 22.535 USD +0.08 USD (0.37%)
01.08.2025 22.398 USD 22.821 USD +0.49 USD (2.15%)
01.09.2025 21.926 USD 23.031 USD -0.13 USD (-0.58%)
01.10.2025 21.814 USD 22.101 USD -0.52 USD (-2.37%)
01.11.2025 22.001 USD 22.096 USD +0.09 USD (0.41%)
01.12.2025 21.860 USD 22.059 USD -0.09 USD (-0.41%)

Silver Price Forecast 2026

Silver forecasts for 2026 are negative. The metal will perform worse than in the years 2023-2025. It is inexpedient to buy it now with such an investment horizon. The main reason is the rally of recent years. It will naturally be replaced by a pullback to average price values.

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
01.01.2026 22.027 USD 22.352 USD -0.95 USD (-4.28%)
01.02.2026 22.382 USD 22.885 USD +0.44 USD (1.96%)
01.03.2026 22.701 USD 22.952 USD +0.19 USD (0.85%)
01.04.2026 22.761 USD 23.136 USD +0.12 USD (0.53%)
01.05.2026 22.135 USD 22.675 USD -0.54 USD (-2.43%)
01.06.2026 21.730 USD 22.334 USD -0.37 USD (-1.69%)
01.07.2026 21.697 USD 22.521 USD +0.08 USD (0.35%)
01.08.2026 22.384 USD 22.910 USD +0.54 USD (2.38%)
01.09.2026 21.949 USD 23.032 USD -0.16 USD (-0.7%)
01.10.2026 21.793 USD 22.096 USD -0.55 USD (-2.49%)
01.11.2026 21.991 USD 22.089 USD +0.1 USD (0.43%)
01.12.2026 21.853 USD 22.062 USD -0.08 USD (-0.38%)

Silver Price Forecast 2027

A bear market in silver is predicted in 2027. With such an investment horizon, there is no chance of making money on this asset. It is unlikely to prove capable of at least preserving capital.

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
01.01.2027 21.997 USD 22.336 USD -0.97 USD (-4.38%)
01.02.2027 22.361 USD 22.856 USD +0.44 USD (1.96%)
01.03.2027 22.688 USD 22.941 USD +0.21 USD (0.9%)
01.04.2027 22.729 USD 23.115 USD +0.11 USD (0.47%)
01.05.2027 22.117 USD 22.612 USD -0.56 USD (-2.49%)
01.06.2027 21.737 USD 22.318 USD -0.34 USD (-1.53%)
01.07.2027 21.687 USD 22.501 USD +0.07 USD (0.3%)
01.08.2027 22.376 USD 22.889 USD +0.54 USD (2.38%)
01.09.2027 21.938 USD 23.038 USD -0.14 USD (-0.64%)
01.10.2027 21.777 USD 22.088 USD -0.56 USD (-2.53%)
01.11.2027 21.982 USD 22.079 USD +0.1 USD (0.44%)
01.12.2027 21.850 USD 22.065 USD -0.07 USD (-0.33%)

Silver Price Forecast 2028

Date Min forecast price Max forecast price Change
01.01.2028 22.053 USD 22.341 USD -0.94 USD (-4.24%)
01.02.2028 22.347 USD 22.895 USD +0.42 USD (1.87%)
01.03.2028 22.679 USD 22.925 USD +0.18 USD (0.79%)
01.04.2028 22.782 USD 23.113 USD +0.15 USD (0.63%)
01.05.2028 22.104 USD 22.667 USD -0.56 USD (-2.51%)
01.06.2028 21.684 USD 22.311 USD -0.39 USD (-1.76%)
01.07.2028 21.717 USD 22.498 USD +0.11 USD (0.5%)
01.08.2028 22.373 USD 22.916 USD +0.54 USD (2.37%)
01.09.2028 21.904 USD 23.035 USD -0.18 USD (-0.78%)
01.10.2028 21.767 USD 22.078 USD -0.55 USD (-2.5%)
01.11.2028 21.975 USD 22.068 USD +0.1 USD (0.45%)
01.12.2028 21.849 USD 22.005 USD -0.09 USD (-0.43%)

Long-term silver outlook for 2024 to 2029

The future outlook for silver is optimistic. The answer to the question of whether silver prices are expected to rise is affirmative. The average price of the metal in the next decades will be higher than in the previous decades. There are several reasons for this:

  • high inflation rates;
  • growing demand from institutional investors;
  • increased industrial consumption.

Contrary to gold, however, silver is still not predicted to experience crazy rallies. The historic highs of 1980 and 2011 were the result of speculation. And the peak price was short-lived.

According to most forecasts, silver prices can be expected to reach triple digits closer to 2050. Few analysts are convinced that silver will cross $100 in the next 10 years.

The main reasons for this:

  • silver is more abundant in the Earth's crust than gold, and it's cheaper to mine;
  • industrial demand is high, but inventory levels are covering it;
  • the liquidity of the asset is low, discouraging the interest of retail investors with small capital;
  • Silver is not used by central banks in various countries to hold reserves.

Silver forecasts for the next 10 years

For the next 10 years, silver price forecasts are generally optimistic. Experts predict no decrease in quotations. Yet the best result, which is promised by analysts, is about $80. Most of them expect only approaching the historical maximum. It is doubtful that silver will turn out to be the most favorable asset on the horizon for a decade.

Silver Price Forecast 2030

Some experts believe silver will reach a price of $75-$80 by 2030. But the average forecast value is $50-$55. This result gives a growth of more than x2 relative to the 2023 level. However, there are also those analysts who expect $27-$30 per ounce.

Future price of silver in 2040

It is difficult to predict the long-term price of silver. Its level is influenced by many factors. Experts' assessments differ greatly. The following figures can be used as benchmarks:

  • minimum — $50;
  • medium level — $78;
  • maximum — $138.

Silver Price Forecast 2050

Solar panel production is one of the most important applications of silver. It is predicted that all reserves will be used for green energy by 2050. This is one of the reasons why quotations are predicted to rise above $100.

The Gold/silver ratio remains quite stable over long periods. Deviations from the average values occur frequently. But in the end, the quotation ratio is leveling out. This is the second reason why experts are confident in the growth of the value of silver.

But there is an opposite point of view. It says that the industry will find an alternative to silver. This will lead to a decrease in interest in the metal. That, in turn, will not allow quotations to rise above the level of $50. In addition, silver has not established itself as a profitable asset in recent decades. Although there has been an increase in demand from manufacturing during this time.

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What affects the price of silver


Silver, as with most commodities, is considered a defense against inflation. But this is true when rapid price growth is accompanied by positive expectations. Precious metal prices often fall when a recession is anticipated.

Currency fluctuations

US dollar fluctuations have a significant impact on silver prices. The stronger the dollar, the more pressure on the price. A weak dollar relative to other world currencies favors its growth.

Another important factor is fluctuations in the exchange rate of the most popular metal. Silver quotes quite often follow the dynamics of gold. But sometimes it happens with a noticeable time lag.

Geopolitical uncertainty

Half of the demand for silver is formed by industry. Accordingly, the price of the metal is growing on expectations of lower production levels. This can also happen in case of political conflicts.

But more often the deterioration of the geopolitical situation affects first of all the price of gold. And then, silver quotations are only indirectly affected.

Interest rates

The value of a troy ounce is inversely proportional to the Federal Reserve rate. The higher the rate, the more profitable risk-free assets - deposits and bonds. Therefore, investors are less interested in risky investments. In addition, there is a lower probability that the final profit will justify the risks.

Supply constraints

As the pandemic demonstrated, lower production levels lead to higher prices. Many experts note that the industry is already experiencing a shortage of the metal. But there is no reason to believe that there will be an acute shortage of silver in the coming years.

Is silver a good investment


(1-6 month)

The silver price chart is descending. There is no reason to believe that the trend will be reversed in the coming days. It is advisable to postpone the purchase of the asset.


(6-12 month)

The silver price forecast for the next 6-12 months is negative. There are reasons to expect further decrease of quotations. The asset is not recommended for purchase with an investment horizon of less than a year.


(1 year+)

Long-term silver price forecasts are negative. The asset is not recommended for investments with a horizon of a year or more. Many of the analysts promise stagnation of quotations in a narrow range. There is an opinion that the cost of an ounce will fall below $20 in the next few years.


What will the price of silver be in 10 years?

Experts say that in the future silver prices will be higher than the current ones. Many analysts believe that in 10 years, quotations will approach the $70-$80 threshold.

What will the price of silver be in 2030?

The average price quoted in the forecasts is $55. But the exact figure will depend on the inflation rate. The industry's demands for increased production will also have an impact.

Is silver about to go through the roof?

Such a scenario is unlikely to happen. Few analysts predict a multiple of silver's value even on a decades-long horizon.

Will silver reach $30 per ounce?

Silver quotes have exceeded this mark several times. There are reasons to assume that it will happen again.

Will silver appreciate in price when the economy collapses?

This is very unlikely. Manufacturing accounts for half of the demand for silver. In recessionary periods, production declines. So demand for the metal will fall.

Will silver ever be $100?

This is likely to happen after a few decades due to inflation. There are also experts who claim that silver is now severely undervalued. They predict a rise in quotations above $100 already in the coming years.

Does Warren Buffett own silver?

No. He bought the metal in 1997 and held it until 2006, but then sold all the bullion. Since then, Buffett has not returned to investing in silver.

Will silver ever become rare?

Such forecasts are out there. They are based on expectations of rapid industrial growth. However, this opinion is not shared by all experts.

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