On this page we collected the most frequantly asked questions concerning our project and investments

What can this service do?

If you are an experienced investor with your own plan - pay attention to the functionality of your portfolio - The platform will help you track the effectiveness of your own investment decisions and compare your investment portfolio's returns versus a benchmark. Control transactions, evaluate results, monitor your portfolio.

If you are just starting out or do not have time for in-depth study of the market — trust the platform's BeatGuru . The system will create a time-tested portfolio of well-known, successful companies. You will only have to buy them. No daily signals, no risky intraday trading alerts. Only wide-moat companies, only high quality stocks. Long-term investment strategies with a yield potential way above the broad market.

Why should you try it?

You can use the platform absolutely free. User-friendly interface, complex metrics, useful analytics, no credit card or personal information gets stored. Just check it out, see how it works.

What income will I receive?

Stock Market investments are not in the same league with bank deposits in terms of predictability of returns. It is important to understand the key difference: there is no rock-solid guarantees of profitability. But multiple studies show that long-term investors typically enjoy returns on investments many times higher than typicall income from bank deposits. And yet stock market investment requires dilligent approach and disciplined strategy execution.
The platform's job consists in primarily helping you make disciplined and well-informed investment choices. The platform gives you the opportunity to see your investment strategy in a new light by comparing it with multiple benchmarks..

How much do I need to invest?

A thousand-mile road begins with the first step. Save up as much as you can. You can start investing with moderate savings (anywhere from $300) and keep moving forward. It's a good habit.

Is it safe? What guarantees can you give me?

Stock Market investing cannot be considered a completely safe or guaranteed source of revenue. Risk is always priced in any type of investment decision. For our part, we guarantee that we do not store information about your portfolios, do not sell the history of your transactions to third parties and we have zero access to your savings.

I woud like to trade for a couple of months — what would you suggest?

You can use trading simulators for investment hypotheses testing. You do not have to rush into high-risk trading with real money. If your strategy is really good, you will succeed. And if not, save what you already have.

Where is the best place to open a brokerage account?

Look at the overview of brokers and the conditions under which they work in our selection on the page Broker comparison

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line.

Support icon is in the lower right corner. Also, you can write an email with your questions, concerns or suggestions. bmpartners@beatmarket.com or in Telegram.

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