Genom of benefit


I am 37 years old and from about 25 years old the idea has been firmly in my head – to investigate the history of the family and pass it on to my children. When my first son was born, and the second one, later, I, like any father in the world, think with special responsibility that the children grow up as good people.

 It would be convenient to talk about this in hindsight and in 20 years, it probably makes sense to write a continuation of this letter, but now, when one is 4 years old, and the second is 1.5 and me and my wife still dream about more children, what will it be, our and their future?

It always seemed to me that it is important to know who the ancestors were in order to better understand yourself and your capabilities. And along with this, we do not have the ability to change the past, but there is a chance to influence the future. How to pass on your message to generations? How, through children and grandchildren, to convey values to great-grandchildren and their children, further, through the centuries?

Sometimes I think about it. And my idea is: the best way would be my own example for the first generation, my life, my rules, my habits. Our family life. But for future generations it should be a certain manifest of values and vision. So if difficult situations will come my children and their children and etc. could always find the clear answer how to do things right. They will always know the answer and I will always know they do right things.

It is wrong to compare BeatMarket with a child, but this is a valuable thing of my life, a favorite thing in which a clear goal has appeared – I also want to grow it worthy, and this is my responsibility as a founder.

And I also want to convey the right message to BeatMarket for generations of colleagues who come later. So that new team members at different stages do not forget and know where to go and how to answer their own questions and challenges. After all, this is the starting point of the genome. Genetic disposition to protect the pledged values and their embodiment.

I just want to say that BeatMarket is more than just a service, more than just promotions and more than just a platform. The project has a different genome. This is a philosophy of attitude to one’s well-being, to one’s work and opportunities to be free, to become freer and happier.


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