12 Best Portfolio Analysis Tools in 2024


In order to make the right investment decisions, a person needs to know exactly what his or her goal is. It is of no less importance to understand at what stage the person is at in achieving it. For this purpose, it is important to be able to see your financial situation as a whole. The best portfolio analysis tools discussed below will help you achieve it. By means of them, you can combine information about your assets in one place and study the full picture. 

In compiling this rating, the authors have observed strict editorial integrity. But it should be taken solely as a source of information, not a recommendation to use this or that service.

The information on the cost of tariff plans has been updated in July 2024. Additionally, a review of the PortfolioPilot service has been added to replace the discontinued InvestorsObserver platform.

Best Portfolio Analysis Tools List

Below are the top portfolio analysis tools along with brief service characteristics.

Place NameMain advantagePaid tariffs price
12KuberaTracking of real estate and other physical assetsFrom $150/year
11PortfolioPilotAnalysis of key portfolio risks plus the availability of a free plan.From $29/month
10SigFigAvailability of robo-advisor
9Quicken PremierOptimal quality ratio of budget planning and portfolio analysis tools$5.99/month
8Morningstar Portfolio ManagerProprietary asset valuation systemFrom $249/year
7Stock RoverA large number of free featuresFrom $7.99/month
6SharesightBest dividend accounting serviceFrom $15/month
5VyzerMaximum set of assets available for trackingFrom $36/month
4Empower Powerful portfolio analysis tools
3Portfolio VisualizerPossibility to use the service for freeFrom $30/month
2Investment account managerLarge set of tools for in depth analysis$159 one time
1BeatMarket Completely free portfolio analyzer, proprietary company rating systemFrom €11,92/month


Kubera is a holistic wealth management system. The purpose of this service is to track an investor’s current wealth, monitor the dynamics of its growth and make forecasts for the future. 

Although the platform has only been operating since 2019, it already co-operates with more than 20 thousand banks and brokers. This allows you to automatically transfer information about almost any account. In 2023, a mobile portfolio management application was added.

Kubera also supports the account shearing function. An investor can quickly provide access to information about their assets to a financial advisor.

Main functions of the service:

  1. Possibility to add information not only about investments in the form of securities and mutual funds, but also about cryptocurrency, NFT, real estate, cars, etc. It is available to take into account financial data on the most original assets, such as domain names. 
  2. Presence of simulators that allow you to stress-test your portfolio and find weaknesses in it. 
  3. Tools for factor analysis of the portfolio. 
  4. Convenient data visualization that allows you to assess capital allocation by asset classes, analyze sector weightings, etc. 
  5. Tools for quick net income evaluation, tax liabilities to which a given transaction will lead, search for the most profitable assets in the investor’s portfolio, etc.

Kubera allows for forecasting capital growth considering future expenses and various scenarios of events development.

The service will also be useful for people who invest in favour of children. Kubera offers the use of a beneficiary manager to ensure timely portfolio transfers. 

The cost of using the service:

  • $1 for the first 2 weeks of trial connection;
  • $150 per year for a personal account;
  • $999 per year for HNIs, Companies & Single Family Offices.

The advantages and disadvantages of Kubera are summarized in the table.

Large number of available assets, which allows you to track multiple portfolios in one serviceThere is no completely free tariff
Possibility to take into account the current price of real estate, cars and other assets not related to the stock marketLack of tools to analyze securities in depth
One of the best platforms for net capital valuationNo recommendations on asset selection
Interface nativeness, ease of information transfer

Bottom line:

Kubera is designed for portfolios with a high level of diversification. The service is suitable for tracking venture investments, rental income, etc. It is recommended for those involved in NFTs. For an investor who owns only stocks, there is no need to overpay for such tools.


Portfolio Pilot is a service developed by the investment company Global Predictions Inc. It allows users to track stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more. The platform offers clients a comprehensive recommendation engine generated by AI. This proprietary technology is based on models used by hedge funds. Users receive personalized information, portfolio modeling, optimization, and risk assessment.

The service enables tracking different asset classes. Its internal algorithms evaluate an investor’s portfolio in terms of capital allocation and growth potential. Another interesting feature is risk assessment.

Portfolio Pilot offers three service plans:

  • Free with no time limit;
  • Gold – $29 per month;
  • Platinum – $99 per month.

Paid plans include a two-week trial period. A registered user can fully monitor their portfolio and access screeners and analysis tools. The Gold plan additionally offers:

  • Personalized recommendations;
  • Access to an AI advisor (5 queries per day);
  • Tools for tracking fees;
  • Customer support access.

The Platinum plan allows up to 100 AI advisor queries per day, advice on fee optimization, and access to an advanced screener.

The ability to use the service completely free.No capital management services.
Availability of key portfolio risk information.High cost for the full set of features.
Ability to model asset allocation (create a portfolio draft).Short trial period for paid plans.
Automated data upload from 12,000 banks and investment firms.No option to save by paying for the service annually.

Conclusion: Portfolio Pilot is suitable for both beginner and experienced investors. It is useful for those with a wide range of assets and for those seeking AI recommendations to improve their portfolio composition. 


SigFig is another free investment checkup tool. An important benefit is the presence of a robo-advisor. The program not only analyzes the current state of the portfolio, but also suggests an “ideal” variant of asset allocation. However, its selection is quite simple – based on the user’s answers to several questions. 

With SigFig you can analyze your portfolio by the following parameters:

  • degree of diversification based on asset class allocation, geography and base currencies;
  • volatility;
  • level of commission and fee costs;
  • profit/loss ratio;
  • the fundamentals of the companies whose stocks the investor owns.

SigFig allows you to notice when your portfolio deviates from the specified asset allocation. The service also enables you to account for cash holdings, but only those held in brokerage accounts.

The main feature of the SigFig platform which made it among the best portfolio analysis tools is the ability to provide automated reinvestment and rebalancing capabilities. Other important features:

  • searching for tax optimisation options;
  • calculation of the contributions required to fulfill the set objectives;
  • the opportunity to receive free financial counseling.

Tools for analyzing assets are provided to the user completely free of charge. When a user wants to connect the automatic portfolio management service, the commission fee will be 0.25% for amounts over $10 thousand. 

Advantages and disadvantages of the platform are given in the table.

Free access to in depth analysis toolsLimited report customisation tools
Automation tools can be used at a competitive feeInability to track cash in bank accounts and other assets outside of brokerage accounts
Specific recommendations on how to improve the investor’s portfolioHigh threshold of account management function connection (from $2 thousand)
Easy synchronization of user account dataThe service is not proper for modeling different portfolio development options

Bottom line: The SigFig platform is proper for investors focused only on the stock market. It does not allow considering other components of capital – real estate, cryptocurrency, collectibles, etc. Probably, the service’s capabilities will not be enough for people with a portfolio that includes many different asset classes. But it is a great option for those who are looking for free in depth analysis tools and investment recommendations.

Quicken Premier

Quicken is a platform that allows you to visualize all your financial accounts on one screen. It is one of the oldest services presented in the review and can be considered the best portfolio analyzer software. Its history dates back to 1982. 

Nowadays, the platform supports the import of account data from 14 thousand banks and investment companies. Quicken makes it possible to take into account:

  • stocks, bonds, and investments in ETFs and mutual funds;
  • options on various underlying assets;
  • real estate and other property.

Besides the ETF and other asset portfolio analyzer, Quicken Premier has several other features. It allows you to manage your financial flow, control expenses and forecast savings growth. With this service, you can plan future spending and track how it will affect your accounts. 

The main feature of this investment analysis tool is its focus on a wide range of users. It is suitable for everyone from novice investors to business owners. Here, you can track both securities and alternative assets.

Tools for analyzing investment accounts make it possible to track:

  • income received;
  • estimated capital gains;
  • asset allocation;
  • internal rate of return, return on investment, etc.

Quicken allows you to track bond maturity dates and deposit closures. Users receive tax optimization advice and assistance with tax preparation.

Quicken offers several pricing plans with different options. A user who wants to track their investment portfolio would go for Quicken Premier. The cost is $5.99 per month (Billed annually). There is no free trial period. With Quicken Premier, however, when you don’t like the service, you can get your money back within the first 30 days of payment.

The advantages and disadvantages of Quicken are summarized in the table below.

Easy customisation of reportsNo free trial period
Ability to compare the current state of the portfolio with the target asset allocationYearly subscription only
Personal finance management functions

Bottom line: Quicken is proper for people who are looking for a wide range of opportunities to control their budget and investment portfolio. Both beginners and experienced investors will find the service convenient, since it supports a wide range of assets.

Morningstar Portfolio Manager

Morningstar Portfolio Manager is a platform with a large number of portfolio management tools aimed at long-term investors. The service allows you to track savings accounts and securities. It supports data exchange with most banks and brokers. The main task is to control the asset allocation in the portfolio.

 Investors can evaluate capital distribution according to multiple criteria, making it considered as one of the best securities analysis tools. Additionally, the platform helps track investment-related expenses.

The main features of the service compared to those discussed above are:

  • an excellent stock scanner for a variety of parameters;
  • a selection of stock news relevant to the user’s assets;
  • a community of authors who publish useful content;
  • Morningstar’s own rating, based on which investors can select assets for their portfolios.

Another useful feature is the stock overlap checker. When an investor contributes money to different ETFs and mutual funds, they may believe that their portfolio is well diversified. Morningstar Portfolio Manager will make sure these funds have no large positions in the same stocks. 

The following terms and conditions apply to becoming a user of the service:

  • First 7 days at no charge;
  • $34.95 if you pay monthly;
  • $249 if you purchase an annual subscription.

For beginners or people who don’t want to dive deep into stock market research, Morningstar’s features may seem unnecessary and the price overpriced. The platform is also not recommended for those who are primarily focused on budget management tools rather than securities. 

The advantages and disadvantages of Morningstar Portfolio Manager are summarized in the table below.

Variety of reports and portfolio analysis tools availableHigh price compared to other services
Powerful security scannerNo accounting tools for real estate and other alternative assets
Opportunity to get investment recommendationsBudgeting tools are inferior to other services

Bottom line: The Morningstar platform is designed for experienced investors with large portfolios who would be able to appreciate the analysis capabilities offered. The high price of the service is fully compensated by the variety of tools available.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a platform focused exclusively on the US stock market. It is one of the best mutual fund portfolio analyzers (more than 40000 options are available for research). Moreover, here you can find information about 8500 North American companies and 4000 ETFs. The service will not suit people who use country diversification, cryptocurrencies, and trade on Forex

Stock Rover is included in the list of the best portfolio analysis tools for the opportunities it gives to investors who prefer US companies. With the help of this platform, the user can get maximum information about their assets:

  1. Forecast future dividend income. 
  2. Use Monte Carlo simulation tools to study the entire portfolio development potential in different situations. 
  3. Monitor asset correlations. 
  4. Track investment performance against different benchmarks. 
  5. Measure metrics such as portfolio volatility, beta coefficient, Sharpe ratio, rate of return, etc. 
  6. See which assets maximize returns and which ones underperform.

An important feature valuable for investment tracking is automatic market alerts. The user can set up notifications for many important triggers. Stock Rover also offers automatic reports on portfolio status. Those who manage family capital will benefit from the ability to use multiple accounts.

The platform provides rebalancing tips by firstly showing parameters where the portfolio deviates from the model. Secondly, it offers transactions to rectify the mismatch. Additionally, users are provided with their own stock rating system and a multifunctional screener.

Much of Stock Rover’s functionality is available for free. Paid plans allow you to expand the service’s capabilities. For example, more than 700 financial metrics are available on the maximum plan.

The cost for a month of use is:

  • $7.99 on Essentials;
  • $17.99 on Premium;
  • $27.99 on Premium Plus.

When the user pays for a year or 2 at a time, they get a discount. 

The advantages and disadvantages of this portfolio management software are summarized in the table below.

A large number of free functionsLimited number of tracking tools available
Huge set of tools for portfolio analysisLack of mobile applications
Asset selection assistance

Bottom line: The Stock Rover platform provides almost limitless opportunities to analyze a portfolio of US securities. Its paid plans are designed primarily for investors who understand the stock market well and need maximum data. Beginners are likely to find all the information they need by taking advantage of the free membership.


Sharesight is considered to be the best of the portfolio analyzer tools for dividend-weighted securities. The service has been operating since 2008 and combines data on trades taking place on 40 stock exchanges. Here you can track:

  • stocks;
  • mutual funds and ETFs;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • cash;
  • various properties.

The strongest point of this platform is passive income accounting. The investor gets maximum information about their cash flow in terms of each source. Sharesight also demonstrates excellent functionality in the tax report preparation. 

The service also provides opportunities to track capital gains and the impact of currency fluctuations. Sharesight helps to control the distribution by asset classes and the degree of portfolio diversification. 

The creators of the platform offer several tariff plans. Free access gives the opportunity to track just one portfolio consisting of no more than 10 assets. In addition, the user will be severely limited in the number of reports. 

Depending on the chosen plan, the monthly subscription price is:

  • $9.33 on the Starter plan;
  • $24 on the Investor plan;
  • $31 on the Expert plan.

At the maximum tariff, 10 different portfolios can be accounted for. The number of assets available for tracking is unlimited. 

The platform supports comparison of results with a benchmark, as well as with the investor’s past performance. But information about previous transactions will have to be uploaded manually. Many users also find the process of transferring information about new transactions inconvenient. Another common feedback is the inability to account for short trades. 

Sharesight is suitable for all investors from beginners to professional ones. Thanks to flexible tariff plans, it will be convenient for users with different portfolio sizes. However, when a person needs maximum analytical information on assets rather than dividend income, this site may seem insufficiently functional. 

The advantages and disadvantages of the platform are summarized in the table.

Data from most of the world’s stock exchanges is availableFull feature set costs higher than the market average
User-friendly comparison of portfolio results with the benchmarkUncomfortable loading of information on deals
Assistance in preparation of tax reportsThe set of tools for asset analysis is inferior to the market leaders
Best dividend accounting serviceNo mobile app

Bottom line: The Sharesight service is primarily suitable for people who are focused on tracking their dividend income. It will also be useful for investors trading on local markets.


Vyzer is a comprehensive platform for family capital management. The main task solved by the service is the investment portfolio tracking. But there are also many tools for financial planning and cash flow management. 

The Vyzer platform is considered a universal solution that is proper for both beginners and experienced investors with a complex portfolio structure. Here you can track:

  • bank accounts;
  • any types of assets in brokerage accounts, including retirement accounts;
  • valuable metals and collectibles;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • real estate investments of any kind;
  • private capital (hedge funds, venture capital investments, etc.).

Through Vyzer, an investor can analyze not only their personal capital, but also the assets they own jointly with other people, as well as organize their investments into different holdings and beneficiaries. 

The Vyzer creators consider analytics with artificial intelligence support and a high level of automation of the service to be its strongest aspects. The platform will also be useful for comparing results with expectations, which is especially important for those investing in private equity. In addition, it allows you to model future cash flow.

An interesting option is the ability to compare your portfolio with the asset allocation used by other investors with similar capital sizes and similar risk tolerance. 

The service has a free subscription plan that allows you to get acquainted with its features. But the functionality of such an account is severely limited. To fully use Vyzer, you need the minimum initial investment. 

The cost of a subscription for 1 month is:

  • $36 on Plus plan;
  • $99 on Premium;
  • $186 on Elite.

Paying for the platform services at once for a year, you can get a 20% discount.

The advantages and disadvantages of Vyzer are given in the table below.

High automation of the process of downloading transaction dataOnly people with super capital can get maximum functionality
Maximum set of assets available for trackingEven the minimum plan has a cost above the market average
The service is as good for planning expenses and setting financial goals as it is for analyzing a portfolioTips for portfolio improvement are available only on the maximum tariff

Bottom line: The Vyzer service is aimed at people with above-average capital. For someone who is just starting to create wealth, the platform’s services will be too expensive. The main advantage is the ability to take into account not only securities, but also alternative assets. This feature is important for people with a complex portfolio structure, not for the average investor.


The Personal Capital service was founded in 2009. After being acquired by Empower in 2020, it operates under this name. The platform allows you to track cash, major securities, including overseas stocks, and property investments. It’s proper to account for credit cards and other liabilities. 

Empower is a universal service aimed at solving all financial issues. Using the tools offered, the user can:

  1. Track your budget. 
  2. Plan to achieve your financial goals. 
  3. Get financial advice on your investment strategy.

The platform provides 2 types of services. All tools designed to track budget and financial assets are available to registered users for free. Assistance in portfolio management is available for a fee. In 2023, the service was recognized as the best portfolio management application according to Forbes.

The free set of tools gives the investor a variety of information about assets and allows:

  • to monitor account balances;
  • to determine the return on investments;
  • to monitor the existing asset allocation and its deviation from the Markowitz efficient frontier;
  • to check the degree of diversification of the portfolio and assess risks;
  • to monitor the weight of a sector or an individual asset in total capital;
  • to calculate the costs of commissions and fees.

Empower enables you to forecast capital growth rates. The Retirement Planner is designed to compare different potential scenarios. 

This tool can be used to consider expenses that are planned, such as a child’s education or the purchase of a house. The simulator also supports various negative scenarios that cannot be predicted – recession, etc. Through such a test, an investor can see the weaknesses of their strategy and get recommendations on how to optimize it. 

The main task that the platform solves for its creators is to attract clients for wealth management services. People with a portfolio of more than $100 thousand receive individual offers to analyze the portfolio. 

The cost of paid services is a commission on the size of the portfolio and ranges from 0.49% to 0.89% per year.

Advantages and disadvantages of the platform are presented in the table.

One of the most extensive free portfolio analysis toolkits availableThe interface for customizing reports is not the most intuitive among those reviewed in the rating
Suggestions for improving the investment strategyYou can find more analysis tools than Empower in paid services
Ability to plan on the basis of multiple scenariosAdverts for asset management services are present

Bottom line: Empower is an excellent portfolio analysis tool combined with a budget planner. It is recommended for people who are looking for a universal service for solving complex tasks and are interested in receiving free services. Investors with large portfolios and complex capital structures may find the functionality of the platform insufficient.

Portfolio Visualizer 

Portfolio Visualizer is a platform designed for portfolio analytics and searching for optimal investment solutions. Users consider several simulator options to be the best feature offered by the service. With their help, you can evaluate the historical performance of different assets groups and predict future results based on Monte Carlo simulations. 

Other features of the platform:

  • comparing portfolio returns to a chosen benchmark or individual asset;
  • selecting the optimal asset allocation for the required return to risk ratio;
  • factor analysis;
  • testing of trading strategies;
  • results forecasting taking into account rebalancing;
  • planning of retirement savings under different scenarios.

Users of the free tariff plan can only track up to 25 stocks. They must manually input information about their portfolio. Paid subscriptions increase the number of positions an investor can track and provide the ability to import transaction details. 

Cost of use per month is $30 for Basic tariff or $55 on Pro tariff.

The service allows you to analyze:

  • securities;
  • mutual funds;
  • precious metals;
  • commodities. 

There is no account for cryptocurrencies, collectibles and other over-the-counter assets. 

The platform is not suitable for people who are looking for a multifunctional service that combines investment management reports with family budget planning functions. 

Portfolio Visualizer has weak tools for evaluating portfolio diversification by country and currency. Only users with the maximum tariff can analyze expenses and tax obligations.

The advantages and disadvantages of the platform are listed in the table below.

A large set of different simulationsHigh price for a tariff offering access to the full range of features
Opportunity to get ideas to improve the portfolioNo mobile app
Possibility to use the service for freeThe simulators offered may seem challenging to beginners

Bottom line: Beginners and passive investors will find the free account sufficient. Premium features are necessary for those constantly seeking to optimize their strategy. The main advantage of Portfolio Visualizer is its convenient income forecasting tools.


Investment account manager has been around since 1985. Today it is a multifunctional software designed for portfolio management. Here you can combine information about your:

  • Stocks and bonds;
  • ETFs and mutual funds;
  • derivatives. 

It is the best portfolio management software for securities. However many people consider the need to install it on a PC as a disadvantage. Investment account manager users have no online or mobile phone option. 

Key features of Investment Account Manager include:

  • Tracking multiple securities portfolios
  • Monitoring realized and unrealized profits
  • Modeling potential income to choose the best strategy
  • Comparing results with key indices or benchmark derivatives
  • Assistance with tax filing
  • Tools for fundamental analysis of issuers
  • Automatic generation of a list of assets, transactions with which would be considered as “wash sales” and result in the loss of tax benefits.

A useful feature is the ability to analyze funds of interest to the investor in terms of net asset composition. The programme works only with investment tools. Unlike the paid platforms discussed above, this portfolio analysis tool does not require a subscription. The user pays $159 once. This amount gives them the right to install the programme on 2 PCs and use it for an unlimited period of time. 

Technical support will be available to the user only for a year. In 2024, a user can purchase a one-year extension of technical support. The cost for the individual plan is $129, and for the professional plan, it’s $199.

There is no possibility to use an Investment account manager for free, even for a small portfolio. But there is a trial period of 60 days. Also, when the client changes his mind within 30 days after payment, the money for the purchase of the programme can be refunded. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Investment account managers are given in the table.

Low priceNo free tariff
Large set of analysis toolsNo mobile app and no ability to work online
Opportunity to get recommendations on the model portfolio

Bottom line: This is the best portfolio analysis tool in terms of the number of reports offered. Also Investment account manager is proper for people who maintain multiple portfolios, e.g. for family members.


The BeatMarket platform is a learning center, rather than just a free stock portfolio analyzer. Its task is to ensure rapid capital growth and dividend income for the investor through an innovative approach to asset selection. 

When a person is only interested in analytical information, they can take advantage of a completely free plan with no limit on time or number of assets tracked. 

BeatMarket Free includes the ability to account for any number of strategies and portfolios. The user can access data not only on securities and funds, but also on precious metals, cryptocurrency, etc. (more than 100 thousand instruments). Due to such a variety of assets, the service is proper for experienced investors with a well-diversified portfolio. 

With the help of BeatMarket Free’s analytical tools, the platform user can:

  • monitor the dynamics of your portfolio against the benchmark selected;
  • assess key risk indicators (volatility, etc.); 
  • monitor asset allocation by classes, sectors, industries, regions, capitalisation of companies selected, etc.;
  • receive a quick summary of data on fundamental indicators;
  • analyze your dividend flow;
  • check the history of operations;
  • track the dynamics of stock quotes, ETFs, and other assets.

Paid tariffs further expand the investor’s options. BeatMarket Premium allows you to:

  • customize notifications;
  • use the stock scanner;
  • get information on taxes and commissions.

The paid subscription provides access to BeatMarket Scoring. The user receives a list of stocks with high growth potential. Investments in companies with a rating of over 90 points enhance portfolio efficiency. The service’s long-term statistics show that this statement holds true regardless of the investment horizon.

BeatMarket Guru is a programme designed to find the optimal asset allocation based on the user’s budget, risk tolerance and diversification preferences. 

The cost of BeatMarket Premium tariff is €14 per month and €11,92/month for a year. Upon registration on the platform, a new user will be offered to test the capabilities of all services for €1. 

For people with extra capital and professional managers we offer the Professional tariff for €250/month. It allows you to receive:

  • personalized support from the BeatMarket team;
  • differentiation of access to strategy management;
  • personalized settings, etc.

In addition to analytical capabilities, the platform offers training in the form of videos, webinars, portfolio breakdowns and in-person online meetings with investment experts.

The advantages and disadvantages of BeatMarket are summarized in the table below.

The largest selection of free functions, including everything to maintain a portfolio of your stocks and assetsLack of budget management and expenditure planning tools
Convenient ratings and assistants for building a long-term diversified stock portfolio
Availability of mobile apps
Investment education portal

Bottom line: The BeatMarket platform will be useful to a wide range of investors from beginners to experts. It rightfully takes the first place in the category of free portfolio tracker. The service provides a large set of analysis tools and allows you to get information about a huge number of assets of the American and international markets. It can also be considered the best for people who are looking for investment portfolio management recommendations. 

Which tool is better for portfolio analysis?

Of the many portfolio analysis tools, the ones with the maximum number of advantages have been included in the rating. Which of them it is advisable to choose depends on the needs of the individual. For example:

  1. Empower or Quicken services are proper for a beginner who is just learning how to manage a budget and find savings opportunities.
  2. For someone who has already figured out personal finances and has recently moved on to investments, it may be advisable to use a free portfolio analyser. The leaders in this category are BeatMarket Free and Empower.
  3. Those who are interested in achieving maximum results, wish to learn how to invest or have been burned by investments before, need not only investment portfolio tracking, but also community support, a platform for learning, checking their strategies with ratings or searching for new opportunities with top undervalued stocks. In this case, BeatMarket Premium’s features are worth looking into.
  4. Experienced investors who need the most in-depth analyses or the ability to track more than just their capital will find BeatMarket Professional, Vyzer and Morningstar Portfolio Manager useful.

All data about the services were taken from the official websites. The platforms presented in the rating can cover all the needs of potential readers. The information is provided for reference purposes and cannot be considered an individual recommendation.


What are the best portfolio analysis tools free?

Among free platforms for portfolio analysis are BeatMarket, SigFig and Empower. Besides, many brokers provide high-quality free investment management services. But the essence of portfolio analysis is to take into account all types of assets. They can be kept in accounts opened with different companies.

How do I analyze my portfolio?

The first thing an investor needs to do is to determine their financial goals and risk tolerance. Then, use portfolio analysis tools to determine whether the current set of assets is proper for the given requirements. The main things to look at are asset allocation, commission costs and ways to optimize taxes.

What are the tools to measure portfolio performance?

Portfolio analysis tools are online platforms or desktop software. They allow an investor to get complete information about their securities in a few clicks. The simplest services offer to analyze recorded profits/losses, potential capital gains and asset allocation. More advanced ones analyze volatility, Sharpe ratio, alpha coefficient and many other indicators that are important for experienced investors.

How do I backtest my portfolio?

Most portfolio analysis tools that have been discussed above allow you to test investment portfolios against past performance. Some of them allow you to use Monte Carlo simulations to predict future returns.

How do I monitor my stock portfolio and asset allocation?

All of the services discussed above allow you to track the current asset allocation by classes, industries, currencies, etc. It is only required to enter information about available financial instruments into the programme.

What is portfolio analysis?

Portfolio analysis is an assessment of the total amount of assets owned by an investor in terms of volatility and other parameters. Its purpose is to determine the efficiency, risks and potential returns of investments. It helps to make sure that the chosen strategy is proper for achieving a given goal.

Are portfolio analysis tools secure?

The largest platforms provide stringent security procedures. This minimizes the likelihood of users’ personal data being leaked. But in the digital world, one cannot be guaranteed 100% protection.

How often should you analyze and rebalance your portfolio?

Proper asset allocation is essential to achieving your investment goal. It is necessary to analyze whether the current portfolio composition corresponds to the optimal one at least once a year. Yet most people consider this to be a very long period of time. Investors can choose a period that is convenient for them, but it is not recommended to rebalance the portfolio more than once a quarter. It is more likely to increase the cost of commissions and taxes than to increase the efficiency of investments.


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