US stocks or stocks of another country? Or from all over the world? Let’s clear!


I sat and thought about what to write about, different thoughts come to mind, but suddenly an old question popped up. The time has come. And let’s see the winner. What are the most profitable markets and countries in the world?

So, well, to be honest, let’s start on the most famous. USA. In order not to complicate our lives and search for information, we took the data that is in BeatMarket. If the American market is more than 30 years old, then the local markets are a little more complicated. There, the accumulated history in BeatMarket is about 20-25 years, on average. Therefore, the period was taken for comparison – the last 20 years.

So, let’s go!

USA. The SP500 index is taken as a basis – these are the 500 largest US companies and the most well-known criterion for evaluating the results of investing in the US stock market.

What do we get by investing $1,000 in January 2002 until January 2023 (full years). And we would get

$1000 at the start and $4965 or 396% yield.

We move on and check, Brazil, for example. We take the average profitability of the market based on the database of the largest companies in the country. What do we have for the period 2002-2023

$1000 at the start and $4477 or 347% yield.

Who is next? Let’s check out Mexico. Similarly, the average profitability of the largest companies in the country for the period 2002-2023 is as follows

$1000 at the start and $4790 or 379% yield.

Well, let’s go to another continent and see how things are in South Africa? According to open data and information in BeatMarket, for the period 2002-2023 we would earn in South Africa

$1000 at the start and $4403 or 340% yield.

Now let’s take a look at the land of the rising sun, Japan. The results there turned out to be conservative and the return was

$1000 at the start and $2312 or 131% yield.

From Japan we take a direct flight to Indonesia. What we have going on there. And there for the period 2002 – 2023 we have the following picture

$1000 at the start and $3040 or 204% yield.

Well, let’s finish our trip with Australia. And in the homeland of the kangaroo for the specified period of time, we would have collected. Attention!

$1000 at the start and $5855 or 485% yield. This is the twist, right? )

In fairness, it should be noted that there is little data on such interesting markets as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria and some others, so I did not include them in this post.

What conclusions can be drawn from this? You can target different markets and get decent results. And if you choose the best from all over the world correctly, you will get a combo in the form of different currencies and the best companies around the world.

When I collect potential purchases in my portfolio, the main portfolio, I focus on stocks from around the world that are available to me to buy. And there is an interesting trend that more and more top companies appear from what country do you think? If you are interested, write in comments, I will answer you)


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