Sunday coffee – what stocks did I buy and what is BeatMarket


Hello everyone! My name is Maksim, I am the founder and CEO of BeatMarket.

Our mission: To tell and teach about investments in a simple way. Avoid the most frequent and major mistakes in the beginning. Help to overcome the first fears and take the right steps into the world of smart, healthy and successful investing. Investments are part of the life path of each of us, and we help make this path exciting, safe, useful and healthy.

The first step that my team and I started with was a platform for accounting for securities and cryptocurrency transactions. It helps to analyze results, track history, profitability, trades, train and learn to invest wisely. Allows you to analyze assets.

All the functionality in the platform is free of charge, use it and let your portfolios always grow) Well, if you want to contribute to the development of BeatMarket or save hundreds of hours on reporting analytics, subscribe and get access to BeatMarket scoring, reports of the top 10 stocks each month and BM Advisor (BM Guru)- an automatic assistant for creating a balanced stock portfolio for long-term investment.

BeatMarket scoring is an assessment of companies’ businesses based on 130 fundamental indicators over a long period of time. Excellent as an important indicator of the state of affairs in the company and its prospects for the coming years. But more will be said about this later.

The Top 10 Monthly Reports are a summary of the best ideas each month. On the basis of which you can make good long-term portfolios. This is how I buy shares in my portfolios. From these same top 10 and choose.

BM Guru is an automatic advisor for creating a balanced stock portfolio for long-term investment. It will select companies based on your savings, track stocks, tell you when it is worth changing something, add new companies to the portfolio if you decide to invest more funds.

Like you, I am a private investor. I invest in stocks from all over the world. I have two main portfolios. USA stocks and stocks from around the world. The main portfolio is stocks from all over the world. I select stocks in my portfolios from among the top stocks according to BeatMarket. These are the companies with the highest BeatMarket scores. I am a long-term investor and do not believe that trading is profitable. 99% of the time it’s a waste of money. Long-term investing, whether you choose good funds or great individual stocks, is 99% capital growth.

I keep my portfolios publicly and track all transactions online. Portfolios have been maintained since 2019 and at the moment they show returns above the SP500 and the VT (Vanguard Total) index. Thus, I show online that highly rated BeatMarket stocks are a great way to improve the results of your investments and strategies. And to confirm this – my money is invested in such stocks. I don’t have ETF or mutual funds.

Links to my portfolios are available to platform subscribers and in monthly reports I talk about all my transactions and plans.

Now a little about February. I made a few purchases last week and you might be wondering which companies made it into the portfolio. Let’s see.

USA stocks: Texas Instruments, FactSet research, Pool Corp, Brown Forman, Robert Half Int., Fastenal, Mastercard, 3M.

Europe stocks: Brenntag AG, Bechtle AG, Symrise AG.

All my purchases are long-term investments. All these companies were in my portfolio before. I just bought more. In my next emails, I will explain how I choose stocks, why I think it is important and right, and how BeatMarket helps me.

If you like BeatMarket, you have ideas and suggestions on how to make it better, more interesting, more useful, I will be very happy to discuss it with you. Email me:


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