How brands become loved


One day, in the middle of the week, mail fell into the correspondence hole at my home. Usually these are bills for electricity or some other services. But this time the mail envelope was from Canada. I opened it with interest. Opening it, I found a beautiful, weighty report on the company’s activities over the past year. With dozens of information. It wasis Hardwood Distribution annual report. Now it is recalles and known as Adentra. Since the purchase, Adentra has grown in my portfolio by 56% to date, so it is around 23% annualy. In Canadian dollars.

Why did I tell that story?

It’s a deep report, with detailed numbers, plans, ambitions, charts, and plenty of facts about brand and its plans. This is the attitude towards investors. My investment in the company is modest and things like that make me happy. I feel like I’m part of something big. It was great to read the data over a cup of coffee. The approach emphasizes the company’s attention to detail. And the details ultimately determine the result. Adentra is one of my most successful investments to date. Perhaps this is part of the company’s marketing policy and work with investors. These things are related I guess.

Another interesting example is Starbucks.

I don’t own stocks of the company, although it’s quite interesting and stable, and the founder’s book helps to better understand the spirit. But, being in a coffee shop, I never cease to be surprised how simple steps sometimes catch on. When buying cold coffee, I received a beautiful plastic cup and now I can present it and get a 15% discount. But that’s not the point. Two days earlier, we bought an IT set for my eldest son: an imitation computer in the form of a piece of plastic with a sticker of buttons, headphones like a call center operator and .. yeah, a cup of coffee. One nuance. Of course, it is a toy and the first question was: dad, how do you drink coffee from it? Indeed, no way. And now, two days have passed, I joyfully presented the same glass as a gift to my eldest son as a solution to his recent question. He is happy now and his warm feelings is related partly with the Starbucks logo. And he broadcasts this warm feeling of the family to the brand that surrounded him at that moment.

Another case with McDonald’s

Yes, yes, we drop in there from time to time and the children are delighted. Yes, to be honest, I myself am always delighted. Bought a Happy Meal. As a gift, a small book – small people – big dreams. A series of short children’s stories about famous people in the world who once were small, dreamed and their dreams came true. Very simple, very clear, very nice. We kept this book at home. And, one day teachers of our kids told us in kindergarten – tomorrow bring your child’s favorite book. Let’s read. In Finnish. Umm… we don’t have books in Finnish. But, idea!)

A book from McDonald’s becomes a favorite and goes to kindergarten. Nice book, great idea, great way out. Everyone is happy)

Actually, that’s how small steps on the one hand, unexpected situations on the other, create a certain mix in favor of a particular brands. And for some reason it seems to me that there is a direct connection between the financial performance of companies and such pleasant micro events from everyday life. No wonder some well-known investors say – buy the brands you love.


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