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How do I invest? It is probably worth saying a few words, since I have not done this for a long time.

I am a long term investor. I am NOT a trader. All my operations are close to the philosophy – buy and hold. Over the experience of 15 years, I have learned a lot and tried a lot in the investments in stocks, securities and cryptocurrencies. Then I came to the conclusion that it was mine – this is a sequence of steps that increase the chances of a positive result.
I don’t do short selling. I buy and hold company shares for as long as the company is successful and progressing in my eyes. It could be 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. Doesn’t matter. If the business develops and grows, I’m in business.
The second reason for this behavior is the frequency of transactions. I try to make as few transactions as possible, this reduces the number of commissions paid and reduces the amount of taxes paid. For brokers, my strategy is a real disappointment. No margin, no frequent trades.
I have over 40 shares of companies from all over the world in my main portfolio. Thus, it turns out to maintain multicurrency and balance between continents, without being tied to only one currency and one country. But that’s exactly my approach. Yours may be different for various reasons.
I don’t have funds in my portfolio. This does not mean that they are bad, not at all. This is a great tool. But I have other plans. I like to study businesses, immerse myself, choose worthy companies and adjust the strategy exactly to my personality traits, lifestyle.
Now about the results that we have so far. My portfolios are open and I detail my activities in monthly reports. Since 2019, I have been trading on a portfolio of U.S. stocks in the open, and in 2021 I did the same with my main portfolio of stocks from around the world.
This is an experiment that allows you to study my strategy, monitor the result, compare with your own. At the same time, I simultaneously manage a portfolio of funds in virtual mode. When I make a trade in a real portfolio. Then for the same amount I make it in portfolios with funds. To transparently show what is happening with my portfolio and how it would be if I invested these funds in the fund.
1) Here is my US stock strategy and the fund I copy my real trades into:
My USA stocks portfolio –
SP500 Virtual Fund (SPY) –

2) And here is my main strategy of stocks from all over the world and the fund into which I copy my real trades:

My main portfolio –
Vanguard Total Stock Market (VT) Virtual Fund –

As you can see from the data in the charts, my strategy is currently outperforming the fund. And according to my expectations, this gap will only grow for several reasons. I choose only strong, sustainable businesses in my portfolio, not the entire market. My dividend yield is higher, the rate of increase in dividend payouts in my portfolio is faster than in the fund. By reinvesting, my advantage will constantly increase.


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